Organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Oliflix is a small olive oil mill in Tarragona, Spain. Oliflix olive oil is made from Arbequina olives. The oil is cold pressed in the traditional way using granite stones - a gentle and natural production method and is not filtered. Oliflix olive oil from Spanish Arbequina olives have a distinctive fresh and fruity flavour and scent.
Since the Oliflix Arbequina olive groves are 300 to 500 years old, the level of polyphenols is almost 10 times higher than in conventional olive oils.
Acidity of Oliflix oil is 0,3%
Available infusions : basil, chilli-garlic, herb and natural

Spice MIxes

The herbs of Wähkilän Maut are self-cultivated and produced by Finnish herb growers. Mushrooms and wild herbs are foraged from the pure nature of the Finnish countryside. All herb and spice blends contain Gray sea salt 14-30%, depending of the Mix.
In WildSalt, the herbal content is 25% and in AromaMix is 30%  the salt used in both of these products is Gray sea salt and Himalayan salt. All spicemills are refillable. No additives.
AsianMix contains: Chilli, Lemon Balm  and dried Garlic - suitable for Asian dishes but will give a spicy kick to any dish.
AromaMix is a salt with lovage, Parsley and Rosemary - can be used instead of a stock cube.
FishMix is a blend for fishdishes. FishMix contains Lemon Balm, Dill, Chives, White pepper and Mustard seed.
ForestMix is a blend for mushroom lovers. Containing two kinds of a mushroom, parsley, chives and black pepper. The fungi used in the mills are black trumpet, chanterelle, porcini and yellowfoot.
WildSalt is blended with Nettle and Ground Alder - a healthier alternative to table salt. The herbal content is 25%.
HerbMix is an mixture of four herbs: Oregano, Basil, Thyme and Parsley, Black pepper and dried Garlic. HerbMix gives a nice herbal and light garlic taste for cooking, salads and on sandwich.